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Please see the Rekindle Devlog for a list of changes!


arrow keys or WASD to move

z or enter to interact

esc to open your item menu, z or enter to select the item to drop or combine it.

To read headstones, place items, or talk to ghosts, interact with them in front. You can also interact with ghosts by talking to them from the sides or back.

If you get stuck, go talk to Daisy in the basement! She usually has a few hints!


Lavender Hollow is a quiet town in the mountains, where a population of monsters have taken refuge from human society. On the edge of the forest you can find the graveyard, where Daisy and her apprentice Ghastropod live and work.

A town as old as this has its fair share of ghosts, old and new. Your job, as a medium and graveyard caretaker, is to help them move on. Each ghost has their own story, traumas, and personal hauntings holding them back. This is a game about showing compassion for the dead, as well as compassion for ourselves.

Original demo version made in a month for Devtober, the Gentle Ghost Jam, and the Cryptid Jam in 2019. I'm still actively working on it!

All comments, especially suggestions and bug reports, are extremely appreciated! Thanks for playing!


Bug Support

On Mac OSX Catalina 10.15, the game does not start due to a "System.DllNotFoundException: System.Native" error. I am unsure if this error is still present in this release, please let me know if you run into it!

If you get stuck in and endless dialogue loop, press Q to automatically exit out of it. Any information on this bug (OS, dialogue line, key presses, etc.) is greatly appreciated, as I haven't been able to reproduce it!

Psst! Check out the github!


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Lavender Hollow - Mac.zip 25 MB

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I really like the mountain village monster refuge setting, and the sprite art is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Game looks interesting, but my laptop said the game wasn't commonly downloaded & flagged it as possibly having a virus.

that's weird! If you don't mind, what OS are you using and how did you download it? (itch app, from the site, etc.)


no idea and this site. also, i don't talk via comments, that's why i have my stuff to talk on over on my profile on here, just saying.


The art is stunning, the gameplay is wonderfully paced and smooth. I can just tell a lot of heart went into this development. Absolutely superb job!


I think this looks really good so far! I hope you get to finish this project as I'd love to play the full version! Good luck cicada!

Hey Cicada, congrats on launching this! I get a "Could not get game data at path "." Is the .pck file missing?" error. Any idea how to fix that?

Hey, thanks for letting me know! It looks like it was actually an issue on my end - Godot changed some of its exporting settings since the last version I used. Try redownloading the game, or just download the .pck file I just added, and put it in the same directory as the game. Let me know if that works!


Thanks Cicada, redownloading fixed it!