Mystery DunGen is a map generator meant to imitate the dungeons in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series! The tool is in early development at the moment, so maps aren't entirely accurate and may not work as expected. You can use it for tabletop, roleplay, your own games, or just to have fun running around in weird maps.

  • Arrow keys/WASD to move around the map (to get a full view before you save a map)
  • Walk into stairs to generate a new map!
  • Bottom menu:
    • New - generates a new map
    • Tileset Selector - allows you to change the tileset (including minimap and blank map options)
      • R/B means the tileset is from Red and Blue Rescue Team.
      • T/D means the tileset is from Explorers of Time and Darkness.
      • EoS means the tileset is from Explorers of Sky.
    • Save Map - saves the full map as a .png (may need to be cropped)

Planned additions/fixes:

  • Redo hallway generation for better accuracy
  • Generation options (number of rooms, size of dungeon, alternate layouts, etc.)
  • Additional tilesets
  • Water generation
  • Item generation


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorCicada Carpenter
TagsGenerator, map, Pixel Art, pokemon


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Very nice looking generator. I am currently tinkering around with a similar concept and am curious how you implemented the generator? It seems like the rooms are generated as squars and then connected by hallways?


Very cool! I REALLY love that you can just switch to minimap tileset and move around on there ~~ what a cool idea :D

I only saw (T/D) tilesets in the selector menu, but maybe the rest are on the way?

What did you create this in, if you don’t mind me asking?


Thank you so much!! I wanted to make it easy for people to tile the maps to fit whatever they need it for ^^ There are more on the way, yes, and I'm open to requests of what to add next!!

I made it all in Godot :D I also plan on releasing the source when I've cleaned up my code more!


Oh rad, looking forward to checking out your code once you get there!