Longest Night

It's nearly the winter solstice! Your friends are having a party to celebrate Longest Night in one week. You need to sail your solar-powered boat 750km to meet them, and knit 10 sweaters as gifts along the way. Look out, because you can only sail in the daytime, and each night is longer than the last!

Primarily mouse controls. Click the ship's wheel or chair to adjust your sail or knit sweaters. Keep an eye on your distance traveled, sweaters knitted, and the time of day! There are four different endings.

Made for CalamityNolan for the Strange Pact Secret Gift Giver Jam, with the prompt "Winter Solstice".

Font is COMICORO by jeti.

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AuthorCicada Carpenter
Tags2D, Cute, Godot, Pixel Art, solstice

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