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I really needed this message, thank you for making this and hope you are still fighting!

Awesome game, very much spot on. I'm glad there was an option to change the font, because while I love the aesthetic of the default font it's really hard to read for me. The only problem is that when reading the 'about' page the last line in some of the paragraphs overlapped with the preceeding line.


This game really hits the mark, I was really impressed by how real Anxiety feels. This was one short hell of a ride!


i dropped out in freshman year because my anxiety and inability to focus doomed me to fail all of my classes. i spent the next few years in a horrible depressive state, and im barely going to be a senior soon. this is so so accurate; even if its a short game, it feels like the past three years of my life were explained in such a beautiful and encouraging way. i loved everything about the game! thank you so much for making it

This is failing to install for me on Linux using the client.  The Install button spins for a moment and then stops without changing to 'Launch'.  No error that I can see. The installer creates an empty 1365 directory in itch/apps.  The game itself runs fine when downloaded manually.

That's strange! Thanks for letting me know, I haven't really used the itch app before so that slipped past me. I'll run some troubleshooting to see what I can do!

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I personally avoided this whole high school thing by dropping out but heard about it through others. It's a bit tragic but you ended up making a fine ass game. Here are some things you could have done better (in the game):

The color scheme and general palette was very disorienting, if that was the vibe you were trying to shoot for you nailed it.

The font was not accurately displayed in the game. You need to change the font settings. I'm a Godot Dev and you just learn it by playing around with random things in-engine and hovering / going to docs when you need extra help. (hold Ctrl and click on a method to get it's documentation!)

That's pretty much it. I could really feel the suffering through the music, visuals, and Gameplay. The little voice in your head thing was especially heartbreaking and a fantastic way to storytell. 8/10

Post-Script: The art was actually really nice

Hi, thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate all the feedback ^^ Could I ask what you mean by the font not being accurately displayed? (OS info would also be helpful! I've only been able to test the game on Windows + Linux myself, so the Mac version is a bit of a shot in the dark)

i'm on windows. the font was blurry

I found this amazingly bang on.  Thank you so much for creating this.